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Within the scope of my coaching sessions, I actively support people in developing and discovering their own creative ways of tackling previously unknown personal as well as professional paths, and related development processes.

While at the very beginning, the focus lies on identifying this certain path, the ending phase consists of reaching the pre-defined objectives. I will be your guide during this entire process.

To me values such as support, optimism, the joy of “doing/creating” and always having a healthy portion of cheerfulness are of great importance.

I am passionate about my work – the challenges of substantially helping people, supplying them with new viewpoints and actively contributing to their personal success stories.
I am a competent and creative sparring partner. During a highly confidential thought exchange you will receive a profound external perspective, interesting hands-on learning situations as well as a multifaceted methodological repertoire. So you will be able to:

  • implement new visions and objectives
  • set the right impulses to further your career,
  • navigate a complex array of situations and take efficient decisions
  • handle a new job position and/or sophisticated challenges
  • maintain and frame solid, clear and productive communication within a complicated environment
  • perform successful goal, time and self-management
  • develop a coherent approach towards stress and high pressure

For this I am offering you the following:

  • Strategy coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Life coaching

in the form of:

  • Individual coaching
  • Group as well as team coaching

How I proceed:

Together we will develop an individual and custom fitted coaching concept for you.
We will take a close look at your current situation.

Considering the complex strands that constitute you and your situation – your personality, actions, relationships, and external structures – we will investigate the following issues, keeping in mind the idea of taking action after finding the right answer and then reaching the goals:

  • What exactly are the relevant factors of your current situation?
  • What are your personal value propositions and how do your needs arise from them?
  • What exactly are your strengths and how can you develop them further?
  • What do you recognize as your personality, as the most valuable aspects in your own character?
  • Where exactly are the obstacles located or where could they potentially arise?
  • How can you deal with obstacles and barriers or even change them positively?
  • How can you incorporate alternatives in your behavior through newly acquired skills and strengthen them?