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Mediation is seen as a structured, voluntary process of conflict resolution that can be used in many areas of life.
It is frequently used to mediate conflicts or disputes through a neutral third party (mediator).

I will support you in finding your own optimal solution that takes into account the interests of all involved “conflicting parties”.
For me personally, the most basic and fundamental idea of ​​mediation is personal responsibility to all the conflicting parties. I do my work along the lines of an “interpreter”, which means I am responsible for the overall process; I translate what has been said in an understandable way that can be heard and understood by the other involved person.

For me the essential aim of mediation is to create an amicable solution to a conflict, if possible through mutual exchange stressing the background of the conflict and with a binding, future-oriented agreement between the involved participants (a win-win result).

Mediation reasons and occasions:

  • Conflicts within the employee- / employer environment
  • Conflicts within the company (colleagues/ team)
  • Conflicts between different companies
Feel free to contact me for a first interview. You will get to know me, and will have the opportunity to ask relevant questions. After this, if necessary, I will give you preliminary advice for further steps to take.